My hope is always to provide you with support along with insight and feedback in order to help you address your current challenges as well as your long-standing concerns.

At times, all of us feel like our life situations are overwhelming, out of our control, or just don’t make sense!

If so, therapy is always a good choice!

While friends are an invaluable resource, therapy can offer an understanding and unbiased perspective combined with fresh skills and suggested management tools. Therapy is a safe place for you to think out loud and make healthy choices for yourself and your family.

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listening-with-compassionExpert Articles – that address questions you may be asking yourself about Marriage, Family or Friend Problems, Parenting, Memories from the Past. How can therapy help?

Parenting ChallengesCurrent Workshop for Parents of Teens!     

We live in a culture of narcissistic entitlement with catastrophic effects at every level of society!

Come join a small group study for parents of teens on the topic of raising kids with healthy self-esteem rather than a narcissistic outlook.   THE ENTITLEMENT CURE – Undoing the negative effects of Entitlement – by Dr. John Townsend is an intensely practical, balanced, informative, and upbeat book – well worth your time and consideration!

Dr. Daniel Amen says,” THE ENTITLEMENT CURE is a powerful book that gives people a true roadmap to success…buy this book.” 

10 – week Workshop begins on January 23 or 24  –  April 1 or 2 , 2020   My Office – 2900 Bristol St.  Bldg. J-206  Costa Mesa 92626   9:15-11:00 

CALL/TEXT   for more information at   714)751-3370


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