• Do your kids tend to bring out the worst in you?
  • Do you need some new ‘kid-management’ skills?
  • Is one of your children a particular parenting challenge – or a mystery to you?
  • Are you at your wit’s end or exhausted dealing with your kids?
  • Do you wonder why you chose to have children in the first place??


I believe that the most effective parenting involves a warm genuine emotional connection between parent and child. But studies have shown that parental love is not enough to insure effective parenting.

Often their own and their children’s emotions get in the way of parents being able to talk to their children when children are sad or afraid or angry.

It is the quality of emotional interactions between parents and children that is of utmost importance.

Channeling parental caring through their own example and by coaching children in the principles of emotional intelligence seems to make all the difference. The secret lays in how parents interact with their children when emotions run hot!

Parenting Workshops

Each Workshop I lead illustrates the principles of emotional intelligence from a unique perspective and to a specific audience. Parents are encouraged to make the best use of the golden moments they have with their children by actively coaching them in key human skills such as:

  • Understanding and handling troubling feelings
  • Controlling impulses and
  • Empathy

In his book, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, Dr. John Gottman sums up my approach to parenting:

The key to successful parenting is not found in complex theories, elaborate family rules, or formulas for behavior. It is based on your deepest feelings of love and affection for your child, and is demonstrated simply through empathy and understanding. Good parenting begins in your heart, and then continues on a moment-to-moment basis by engaging your children when feelings run high, when they are sad, angry, or scared. The heart of parenting is being there in a particular way when it really counts.”

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