• Do you find yourself negatively triggered in the present by past memories?
  • Are there unpleasant or unresolved experiences you would like to work through – abuse or traumatic situations?
  • Do you need to grieve a loss – death of a loved one, relational loss, loss of a hope or dream?

the past

We all understand that life is full of losses that we cannot change.  We must, however, learn to cope with our losses one way or the other because failure to metabolize these losses can bring even more serious consequences over time.

Healing therapy involves working through sadness, loss, or trauma so that it integrates into our entire life experience in a healthy way.

One form of therapy that I have found to be extremely helpful is known as EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. (see short article on EMDR) Difficult life circumstances range from the upsetting experiences life sends our way (small trauma) to those with a real or perceived life-threatening component, which would be overwhelming to almost anyone (big Traumas).

Studies indicate that under ideal conditions our minds are geared to process information we receive to a state of mental health and well-being. Negative emotions are relieved and perspective is regained.

However if this mechanism is blocked through trauma, a brain imbalance may occur preventing adequate processing of experience.

EMDR is used to unblock neurophysiological pathways in the brain.

Healing results from changes that rebalance the system responsible for healthy management of traumatic experiences.

I have seen dramatic results in the lives of many clients as a result of employing EMDR. This approach represents and entire paradigm shift in understanding the nature of therapeutic change!

See www.emdr.com and www.emdria.org for more information.