Based on the book “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting” by Dr. John Gottman

facilitated by Carol Timmons, LMFT

Most parents want their children to succeed in school and in life – both cognitively and emotionally. However, research has shown that very warm and involved parents often have attitudes toward their own and their children’s emotions that get in the way of healthy parenting!

The secret is learning to communicate effectively when their children are sad or afraid or angry. In other words, when emotions run high! Channeling parents’ caring into 5 basic skills that they can use to coach their children in the area of emotion is the key factor in raising emotionally intelligent children.

This study offers parents a research-based, biblically grounded, practical way to deal with their children. And gives their children an invaluable tool kit for life!

In the 8 sessions we will discuss:

  1. Emotion Coaching – Key to Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids
  2. Assessing Your Parenting Style
  3. 5 Keys for Emotion Coaching
  4. Emotion Coaching Strategies
  5. Emotion Coaching as Your Child Grows Older
    …and More!

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Date & Time:
Cost: $140/ 8 Sessions (Book available on Amazon)
Place: 2900 Bristol Bldg. J-206 Costa Mesa, 92626 (my office)

Feel FREE to call me with a question or for more information at (714) 751-3370.

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