• Do you struggle with annoying family members? …parents, …in-laws (or out-laws) …extended family?
  • Are you having trouble with friendships?
    • drawing boundaries,
    • finding close girl friend relationships,
    • managing couple friendships

Sometimes it’s the people close to us that majorly challenge us in our everyday lives! They can drain our emotional energy causing us to question ourselves, leaving us confused and wondering what just happened!

Other times those around us may frustrate or anger us so that we simply want distance.

Still other times we may feel abandoned, used, or taken advantage of by those we most want to be close to.

Because of our emotional involvement, we easily lose perspective and have difficulty discerning how best to handle these relationship dilemmas.

The beauty of therapyThe beauty of therapy is that it offers a safe place to sort out the confusion and frustration with a person who is unbiased and caring.

Together as we lay out the pieces of the relational puzzle and explore alternatives, answers may emerge with increasing clarity.

My goal with our time together is to highlight relevant applicable principles of relationship and to create a climate that will help you determine the best approach to your situation.