Most people want a comfortable mutually satisfying friendship with their Mother. But often reality falls far short of the ideal!

You may have wondered:

“How can I have a better present -day relationship with my own… or someone else’s mother?

“How does the mothering I received as a child affect me today? And what can I do about it?

“How can I get beyond my past mothering problems so I can be a better parent?

You may have felt:
  • Frustrated with your inability to deal with her
  • A lack of freedom to have a separate life without losing her love
  • Guilt when you do not take care of her as she wants you to
  • Disconnected from and misunderstood by her
  • Difficulty in saying ‘no’ and confronting her
  • Like cringing when she treats you and your children in familiar hurtful ways

This is an 8-week study full of HELP and HOPE regardless of where you are in your relationship with your Mother! It’s about effectively dealing with the Mother you had, learning to deal with the Mother you have, and striving to be the best parent you can be NOW!

SIX familiar mothering styles are addressed (Phantom Mom, Controlling Mom, China Doll Mom, etc.) by examining:

  • Characteristics of the mothering style
  • What it felt like to be the child
  • What to do about it all NOW!
This is the BEST STUDY to help improve your relationships generationally – with your own Mother, and then as a result – with your own children, and eventually – with your grandchildren!

Group Details

Date & Time: This group meets weekly.
Cost: $140/ 8 Sessions
Place: 2900 Bristol Bldg. J-206 Costa Mesa, 92626 (my office)

Feel FREE to call me with a question or for more information at (714) 751-3370.

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