Are you

…Needing some help with conflict resolution in your relationship?
…Trying to save your marriage?
…Going through a divorce?…Contemplating a divorce? …Recovering from a divorce?
…Reeling from the revelation of pornography use? …Devastated by the discovery of your spouse’s affair?
…Personally struggling with an extra-marital attraction?

In the midst of marriage problems, the situation can look very bleak! But with the right help, there is HOPE for you to come to peaceful resolution – whatever your situation may be.

countryside-coupleOf course, not every troubled marriage can be saved – for a variety of reasons. But, a vast number can be rescued and elevated to a much greater level of satisfaction with the help of a trained third party.

The notion that “…if we really love each other, we should be able to work through all our problems,” is mythical idealism. It makes no more sense than saying, “if we eat healthfully, we should have no medical issues.” We gratefully enlist the help of medical personnel, dentists, and hospitals as needed.

Finding a marriage therapist when the relationship hits an impasse is a wise use of time, energy, and resources – for the entire family.