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Parenting Challenges

Do your kids tend to bring out the worst in you? Do you need some new ‘kid-management’ skills? Is one of your children a particular parenting challenge – or a mystery to you? Are you at your wit’s end or exhausted dealing with your kids? Do you wonder why you chose to have children in…

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Friend & Family Problems

Do you struggle with annoying family members? …parents, …in-laws (or out-laws) …extended family? Are you having trouble with friendships? drawing boundaries, finding close girl friend relationships, managing couple friendships Sometimes it’s the people close to us that majorly challenge us in our everyday lives! They can drain our emotional energy causing us to question ourselves,…

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Marriage Problems

Are you …Needing some help with conflict resolution in your relationship? …Trying to save your marriage? …Going through a divorce?…Contemplating a divorce? …Recovering from a divorce? …Reeling from the revelation of pornography use? …Devastated by the discovery of your spouse’s affair? …Personally struggling with an extra-marital attraction? In the midst of marriage problems, the situation…

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